Thursday, April 2, 2009

Communities that Care Program

The Dallastown Area Communities That Care is an organization that works locally to promote positive behaviors and trends for the youth of our area. The CTC Board of Directors are made up of community leaders, including school personnel, who support and develop programs that address the negative behaviors facing young people. One of these programs is the Big Buddy program that pairs high school students with elementary students who show at-risk behaviors that would keep them from being successful or making wise choices. This school year the program supports 140 pairs of buddies and there is still a waiting list!
You can become a member of this non-profit organization through a membership fee ($5 for students and senior citizens, $10 for individuals, or $15 family). Your support will help the CTC in its programs to provide early intervention strategies that address problems and concerns. Early intervention is key to changing negative behaviors into positive ones! To find out more about the Dallastown Communities That Care and its programs, contact Wendy Arnold at Loganville-Springfield Elementary, at