Wednesday, May 14, 2008

April 1st, 2008 Maintenance Report

Yoe Borough Maintenance Report

April 1, 2008
Dana Shearer

• Street sweeping completed by Dallastown maintenance personnel. They also assisted me with posting of the No Parking signs. I will use ARD to finish cleaning up the back alleys that the sweeper could not get.
• I have not heard from Don Bubb to discuss options for the intersection of W. Philadelphia St. and Elm St. Working with Dan Shaw to review sightline issue for the shrubbery on W. Philadelphia St.
• Handicap sign installed at 35 W. Broad St. after receiving traffic study approval from York County Planning.
• Cleanup of snow equipment almost complete.

• Kinsley Education School started work on main building roof repairs today.
Using Dallastown Borough’s large dump truck to haul away demolition materials.
• Turned on water at park for bathrooms for the work crew.
• Conducted clean up of downed trees and limbs after March wind storm.
Used Red Lion Borough chipper to complete this.
• Getting prices for new chains and hardware for swing sets.
• Ordering mulch for around the under age 5 play equipment.
• We had 2 back to back episodes of vandalism found by YAPD. The first concerned a young man who over turned 2 wooden tables causing damage and kicked a hole in the back wall where the Kinsley crew is working. This hole will be fixed permanently during this work. The second was the removal of 2 padlocks from the bathroom doors and the throwing of toilet paper around the grounds by a group of young kids. (This was the result of my failure to secure the doors after my meeting last Friday with Seth and Tom). The locks were replaced from stock. I will work with PD to provide them video footage.


• Placed seedling order for park and ball field. Will pick up April 11, 2008.
• Sent letter to property owner concerning sight distances at the private drive. (Property owner removed the Cedar trees and trimmed the vegetation on the bank.)
• Received from Red Lion the written agreement to use their 4-wheel drive mower at the dam. Letter is in circulate file.
• ARD work crews scheduled to start April 3, 2008.
• Scheduled for 2 LTAP classes in next two months.
• Have not received 42 Rental License Fee renewals. Received a request from Andrew Read, owner of 46 West Broad St. for relief of fee obligation due to contemplating bankruptcy. Please advise on council’s wishes for a course of action.
• Purchased 26 hydrant markers for $413.12. I will work with the Fire Company to get these installed.