Friday, April 11, 2008

March 4, 2008 Yoe Borough Minutes

Yoe Borough Page 1
150 North Maple Street
Yoe, PA l7313

The regular monthly meeting of Yoe Borough Council was held on March 4, 2008 at the Yoe Borough Municipal Building, 150 N. Maple Street, Yoe, PA. The meeting was called to order by Council President Sam Snyder at 7:02PM with the Pledge of

Council Members in Attendance: Sam Snyder
Barry Myers
George Howett
Tom Allar
Bruce Manns
Seth Noll

Others in Attendance: Sandy Sterner, Secretary-Treasurer
John Sanford, Mayor
Dana Shearer, Maintenance
Pete Solymos, Solicitor
Jason Reichard, Engineer
Jerry Pickle, Wildlife Enforcement Officer
Reverend Roger Mentzer and Amy Myers of
Bethlehem United Methodist Church’s Summer
Adventure Day Camp
Terry Eberly, York Township Resident
Ted Hake, Yoe Fire Company Ambulance Club


Councilman Snyder said he had the following corrections of the February
5, 2008 minutes: under Solicitor’s Report page 10 fourth line down, the line states, The
medication, it should read, The mediation. Under Solicitor’s report, page 14, line 9, it states, to sing off. The correction would be, to sign off. Under Maintenance report, page 25, the tenth line from the bottom, it states in our estimate. The correction would be, not in our estimate. A motion was made by Councilman Howett to accept the minutes of February 5, 2008 with the noted corrections. The motion was seconded by Councilman Allar. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.


Contract Jerry Pickle came to council to present his 2008 contract for wildlife
enforcement. Mr. Pickle said there is a slight increase from $30.00 to
$35.00 for setting traps and no other changes from the 2007 contract,
Visitors(cont.) Page 2

it is the same as before. Same nuts and bolts in the contract.
Councilman Allar asked if there were any alerts that we should be
made aware of pertaining to wildlife in the county. Mr. Pickle said
the game commission has made us aware that there is a parrot in the
state called the monk parakeet. You can view a picture of it online.
It is very gregarious and detrimental to fruit crops. Councilman Allar
asked Mr. Pickle if he has been to the retention basins and viewed
any wildlife concerns? Mr. Pickle said I walked the dams near
Christmas. I have observed muskrat house at the back part of the dam but
there appears to be no damage. A motion was made by Councilman Allar
to sign the contract after the secretary reviews the numbers and verifies the
figures. The motion was seconded by Councilman Myers. All in favor.

Summer Reverend Mentzer and Amy Myers came to council concerning the
Camp proposal with Bethlehem United Methodist Church use of Yoe Park
for their Summer Adventure Day Camp for the summer of 2008.
Councilman Snyder said our insurance carrier has asked that we be
named as an additional insured on your insurance policy. Reverend
Mentzer said it may take two weeks but that can be sent to the borough
officer after I contact our insurance carrier. Solicitor Solymos said its
is a simple 2 ½ page contract that will need to be executed along with the
additional insured added for the proof of insurance. Councilman Snyder
said copies are here and the solicitor and I have reviewed them. One thing,
I would like to bring to your attention, is there coverage under your policy
if one of your counselors would molest one of the children? We are not
going to make an issue out of it for this year. I know its expensive. But it
would make it simpler if you would have it. It is something you may want
to check on. Reverend Mentzer said I believe our policy would cover that
in fair certainty. I know I am covered. Solicitor Solymos said the contract
states that you will hold us harmless if the borough would be named, you
would defend us and cover the costs to defend us. Councilman Snyder said
Solicitor Solymos, Councilman Allar and myself have reviewed the
contract. It states that a sum of $1.00 would be paid to Yoe Borough for
the use of the park. Next year, we will know what the actual costs are
and can adjust reimbursement if needed then. The park will be used for
the camp from June to August 2008. It will benefit children grades K to
6th. The camp is open to all children of the appropriate age group. A
motion was made by Councilman Allar to sign the agreement with
Bethlehem United Methodist Church for the Summer Adventure Day
Camp at Yoe Park on the discussion of naming Yoe Borough as
additional insured. The motion was seconded by Councilman Howett.
All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Visitors (cont.) Page 3

Well Terry Eberly asked if anyone has any idea of what I need to do to drill
a well? I am renting the garage at the end of W. Water Street owned by
Craig Dallmyer. I would like to add a bathroom at the garage property.
I have gone to the Dallastown Yoe Water Authority and they have given
me permission to proceed to look into a well. The property has an
one acre lot and a ½ acre lot with the garage. I reviewed your ordinance
and have spoken to Tim Cottrell. He said he didn’t have to anything when
he drilled his well. There is nothing stated in the ordinance about
drilling wells. Councilman Snyder said after reading over the ordinances,
my interpretation is that Yoe Borough abides by the rules and regulations
of the Dallastown Yoe Water Authority. So I sent him to the water
authority first. There is no requirement as to distance if water is
available at the property. Solicitor Solymos asked if Mr. Eberly had
a letter from the authority? Mr. Eberly said no. Solicitor Solymos said
we would need a confirmation letter from the Dallastown Yoe
Water Authority. Is there a subdivision for these properties? Councilman
Snyder said I personally don’t know of an approved subdivision. I recall
that a subdivision plan was submitted and we had comments. Solicitor
Solymos said it wouldn’t be hard to find out if the two tracts are on
one deed. We need to know if there is a subdivision first. We need
a recorded document for the subdivision. We also need a copy of the
lease/purchase agreement between Mr. Dallmyer and Mr. Eberly. Mr.
Eberly said I have a contract. Councilman Snyder said I don’t remember
a subdivision, if it is subdivided, part of that is you have to hook up
to public water. Solicitor Solymos said from MPC legislation, you must
get subdivision approval. It maybe subdivided, but we can’t act until
we know. You need to go to the courthouse and get a title search.
Councilman Noll asked if he could be sent for a variance? Call it a
waiver then or dispensation, for the water. Solicitor Solymos said we
need to know if its is subdivided and a confirmation from the Dallastown
Yoe Water Authority to say you can run water. Mr. Dallmyer would have
to ask for a variance because he owns the property. It is too early for that
now. Mr. Eberly said Mr. Dallmyer has two EDU sewer permits.
Councilman Snyder said once we have all the information, i. e.
subdivision, confirmation letter, then that is given to our solicitor
for review, then we can get back to you. Councilman Snyder asked
Councilman Howett as Yoe Borough’s representative to the Dallastown
Yoe Water Authority, have they adopted the new rules and regulations
effective September 12, 2007. Councilman Howett said yes. Councilman
Snyder said on that note, we don’t have to take any further action on that.

Visitors (cont.) Page 4

Yoe Ted Hake from Yoe Ambulance came to council to present the 2007 end
Ambulance of the year report and the 2008 operation budget. Mr. Hake said first is our
Reports fast facts sheet. This gives an overview going from numbers of volunteers
and employees to response times. This can be used as a reference sheet.
Next is a breakdown of calls by municipality and station. The Spry station
will become a 24 hour station in 2008. We see in the next years, an
increase of calls per year of each station to range from about 1800 to
1900 per year. You will not the difference in the number of calls that were
sent in versus the number of calls responded to in Yoe Borough. The
reason for the 2 call difference was that after the initial dispatch the
2 calls were then cancelled before the ambulance was dispatched. I
will pass out the 2008 operating budget. Councilman Snyder asked if
any head way was made in having the donations from each municipality
more equitable? Mr. Hake said we are still working on that. Dallastown
has signed a 5 year contract with 3% increases each year. It is an area
we are continuing to work on. Our capital budget is not yet completed.
We will forward that when it is completed. We are paying a 2% loan and
we will be getting our fourth ambulance this year. It is a middle of the
road model. Councilman Allar asked about the increase of the use
donation to Station 19? Mr. Hake said Goodwill Fire Company allows us
to base our ambulance there. They pay for the electric and water. They
are paying for a new roof. We use their facilities, for housing and offices,
etc. We have a lease. We feel it’s a fair donation for these services. Mr.
Hake said we do get our fuel for the ambulances through York Township
and pay a 10% administrative fee on top of the fuel cost. Reports on
response time and a breakdown per medical category for calls was
presented. Mr. Hake said we use our records from 1977 to 2007 to
some of this information. Information prior is not available. In
regards to call volume, of those calls 49% had paramedics and 51%
were basic. Councilman Snyder commended Yoe Ambulance on their
response time and what they have been doing for the communities. In
reviewing the operating budget it can be seen that the organization is
fiscally responsible. On behalf of the council, we appreciate the great job that is being done. Councilman Noll said he is aware that there
were issues where as other ambulance clubs were not honoring
memberships of Yoe and other ambulance clubs. People were getting
getting charged for ambulance services when they were had memberships
in other ambulance service organizations. Mr. Hake said the Grantley
station was not happy with the breakdown of station response areas in
the York Township area. They were not honoring other ambulance
services memberships while all the others were. York Township reviewed
this, and Grantley lost its response area in York Township and its funding.
Mr. Hake said there are plenty of calls and service was increased with
adding another ambulance in Spry.
Visitors(cont.) Page 5

Personnel Councilman Snyder said Ted is here tonight also to talk with us about
Agreement the agreement for personnel services, to lease Dana back to the borough
for maintenance. A rough draft was received on Sunday, I forwarded it
to Sandy and Pete and spoke with Tom on the agreement. We were then
busy with changes, for example insurance limits, annual performance
evaluation, etc. Solicitor Solymos said I didn’t have any problem with the
base agreement. What happens with Worker’s Compensation? Mr. Hake
said worker’s compensation is our biggest risk. If severance would be
obtained our worker’s compensation rates would go up. This would only
be written for Dana. Councilman Snyder said on page 4, parts 1 and 3, I
explained that Dana is a salaried person and works off of flex time. He
doesn’t get overtime. Ted agreed to take it back to their solicitor and
have it redrafted. There was a change on page 7, to adhere to our current
policy for comprehensive general liability insurance for property and
bodily injury with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence,
$2,000,000 annual aggregate. Both shall name the other party as
additional insured on such policies. Also we do not do a job evaluation,
pay increases are done on merit. They have the control over Dana as to
hiring and firing, setting his goals and priorities. Only they have the
right to terminate. If there comes an irresolvable issue, we have the right
with a sixty day written notice to get out of the agreement. This agreement
is renewable on an annual basis. Mr. Hake said this has begun review by
our board, 6 to 7 are comfortable with it, 1 had some reservation. I will
need to present it to the board for final approval. Dana will have his own
separate worker’s compensation policy, he will be the only one on that
policy. It can be done. A copy will be given to the borough. We did not
introduce any administrative fee to the agreement because we feel the
borough is giving us a yearly contribution that comes out to about $5.00
per resident. We will need a job description for Dana. Councilman Myers
said he will check to see if he has the description. The secretary said
no final job description was ever given to the office. Mr. Hake said Dana
has already received the figures for the cost of dental and vision insurance.
The plan for health insurance is Geisinger and it will be at a cost of
$193.63 per month. Councilman Noll said perhaps their solicitor would
like to review section 3 under background. It may be better if it would
be deleted. Solicitor Solymos said I left it in because it was their
proposal. Mr. Hake said he will check with their solicitor. Councilman
Noll said perhaps there is a better way to phrase it that benefits both
sides. Mr. Hake said Dana is also an EMT, so this agreement does
benefit both sides. Councilman Snyder said Ted you were looking at
beginning this on April 7, 2008. Mr .Hake said yes. The secretary and Mr.
Shearer agreed that Mr. Shearer would be paid on April 9, 2008 from the
borough for work through April 5, 2008. That would be his last paycheck
from Yoe Borough. Mr. Hake said Yoe Ambulance also has a retirement
Visitors(cont.) Page 6

fund in which we match up to 3% in a 401 K. Councilman Snyder said
Dana is currently under a pension plan now but he will be taken off of it
when he is no longer an employee. That would be something that we
could talk about and consider at budget time. We want to be equitable with
all our employees. A motion was made by Councilman Noll to sign the
agreement for leased personnel services with Yoe Fire Company
Ambulance Service Inc. beginning with hiring date of April 7, 2008 if
all needed issues can be addressed accordingly. The motion was
seconded by Councilman Allar. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said
then we can appoint the leased employee. For personnel issues the order
of contact would be me, President of Council, then the Vice President
of Council, the Mayor and the liason who is the supervisor for him. Mr.
Hake said we are keeping our fingers crossed that this is going to be
a good thing for both of us, combining and sharing services. We also
supply direct deposit for payroll.

Solicitor’s Report

Cottrell Solicitor Solymos said in regards to the Cottrell litigation. I have spoken
to Mr. Cottrell’s lawyer and he has agreed to mediation. No date has
been set.

Property Solicitor Solymos said in regards to the current tenant of the Cottrell
Owned property. I have spoken to the zoning officer. The zoning officer has
by Mr. reviewed the findings of the zoning hearing board on the Cottrell
Cottrell property. He has some good suggestions on how to deal with this.
I will be talking to him tomorrow about his written report. Technically
he can proceed on this.

Jonathan Solicitor Solymos said on the payment to Jonathan Snyder, we had
Snyder received notice for his solicitor that he did not want to sign off on
this because the Cottrell matter was still in litigation. I received a
letter dated February 22, 2008 stating we want our money and why
we hadn’t responded. So now I am asking that you have Sandy be
authorized to make available a check with the funds and sign
the check. A motion was made by Councilman Allar to have the
secretary-treasurer issue the check to Mr. Snyder and have it forwarded
to Solicitor Solymos’s office. The motion was seconded by Councilman
Myers. All in favor.

Experience Solicitor Solymos said I have met with Tom about Experience Works.
Works Tom has drafted up the appropriate paperwork and has addressed all
the concerns that I had in regards to Experience Works original
Solicitor’s Report(cont.) Page 7

contract. I believe they will sign the agreement that I can live with.
I had the opportunity to look over it and everything has been
addressed. Councilman Allar said they have verbally agreed but
we need to get their signature. This will be of minimal expense,
we will need a phone and need to buy a wireless connection for the
internet. An adaptor will be needed. All council members received the
addendum copy and the summary copy with their minute packets.
A motion was made by Councilman Allar to sign the agreement and
addendum with Experience Works. The motion was seconded by
Councilman Howett. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion

Animal Councilman Snyder said we lost our agreement with the Susquehanna
Shelter Stray Animal Shelter. So the SPCA has sent us their agreement for
contracted services for 2008. A motion was made by Councilman
Myers to sign the agreement with the SPCA for animal shelter
services for 2008. The motion was seconded by Councilman Howett.
All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Chronister Solicitor Solymos said the complaint has been finalized. Copies are
Matter here for review. Tom and Sam have reviewed them. I want to file
them on Wednesday.

Garbage Solicitor Solymos said in regards to our garbage contract, I will
Contract a letter to our contractor to meet with us. This is to go over the
current problems we have with billing and in regards to their
side of the contract. I need authority to meet with them.
A motion was made by Councilman Noll to have our solicitor
meet with our garbage hauler contractor, Penn Waste to discuss
the current contract and concerns. The motion was seconded
by Councilman Howett. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said
motion carried.

Easement Solicitor Solymos said I called Attorney Blankenstein in regards
to the easement up at the dam. He has not called me back.
Councilman Allar said I met with them and Commissioner Ness
about the easement at the Southwood Antiques. On the deed,
page 3 talks about a private access drive. The owners say
they created the drive from lot 2 to lot 3 when they owned
both lots. They have no intent of conveying any legal access.
I made them a copy of the deed. They are going to take it up
with their attorney. We hope to have this resolved in 30 days.
Solicitor Solymos asked Tom to get back to him in 21 days,
I won’t be here for the April 1, 2008 meeting. Let’s wait
Solicitor’s Report(cont.) Page 8

the 21 days and see what happens. Councilman Allar said
they are not acknowledging a legal access. We are waiting
for the Growing Greener monies. It would be a lot simpler
if they would agree.

Exonerations A motion was made by Councilman Myers to accept the
and 2007 exonerations, exemption & deliquents presented by the tax
Exemptions collector. The motion was seconded by Councilman
Howett. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion

Zoning Solicitor Solymos said council approved that the zoning
Amendment ordinance be amended. I received those changes on
February 21, 2008. I will put it in a format for adoption
so it can be advertised and be sent to YCPC for their
comments. This will probably be advertised for adoption
in May. Once it is advertised, it is enforceable.

Engineer’s Report

Mr. Reichard said in regards to the dam dredging, DEP is going
DEP to make an announcement tomorrow on the Growing Greener
Growing Grant program. It will be made official on March 8, as to yes
Greener or no. We will be notified regardless of outcome. They are going
Grant to fund another year and we expect an announcement for
solicitation of proposals for 2008. I think this will be the last year.
We believe funding will be focused on implementation of
projects as opposed to studies.

Zoning Mr. Reichard said the amendment was sent to the solicitor for
Amendment review and in preparation for submission to YCPC. Once
comments are received from YCPC, it will be ready to be

TRG Mr. Reichard said I have contacted TRG in regards to
placement of a stop sign at Philadelphia Street and Elm
Street. We have the potential to switch stop signs there. But to
switch signs there a small scale traffic study would need to be
done. TRG estimate for their cost is $1000.00 to $1500.00 to
complete the study. Councilman Snyder said if you call the
Mr. Bubb conversation, it would be easier to put a stop sign
up at Philadelphia Street. I don’t want to spend the monies of
$1000.00 to $1500.00, since he is willing to address this issue
Engineer’s Report(cont.) Page 9

again in the spring. This is not a speed issue, we have to get
Main Street traffic back unto Main Street. Mr. Shearer said
I left a voice message with Mr. Bubb but did not hear back
from him. Councilman Snyder said we need to remind Mr.
Bubb of the conservation, he may be able to sign off. A more
detailed study stating place the sign due to the volume of
traffic. Have Dana write a letter requesting a study be done on the
south bound lane, Elm Street unto Philadelphia area. Comments
and questions were that, would there have to be no parking along
Philadelphia Street, why don’t we have a three way stop sign, do
we consider making the street one way. Also comments from
the people in the area. Discussion continued on the different ideas and
questions. The plan action is to identify the properties that could be
affected along these streets, meet with Don Bubb from YCPC. Council
think about what has been discussed. We are open to anything including
making the street one way to get Main Street traffic back on Main St.

Handicapped Councilman Snyder said we received a request from Betty Breen of
Parking 35 Broad Street for handicapped parking sign in front of her home.
Mr. Shearer said in reading the PENN DOT regs it says that certain
people can do the traffic study but further down it states based on
an engineer’s opinion. Mr. Reichard said I wouldn’t recommend that
Dana do the study. Councilman Snyder said our ordinance states that
an engineering study needs to be done by YCPC. So you need to do
a study. A motion was made by Councilman Myers to request that
a traffic study be done by YCPC for handicapped parking in front of
35 Broad Street residence of Betty Breen. The motion was seconded
by Councilman Howett. All in favor.

Wastewater Councilman Snyder said we received notification from C. S. Davidson,
Inc., Rick Resh on the 2007 wastewater flows. Our actual amount is
122,408 gallons for the year up 14.1% from 2006. We are at 89.12%
usuage out of 137,350 gallons available. EDU’s will be available for
the upcoming year. We picked up a wet year in 2007.

CDBG Councilman Snyder said we received the applications for the CDBG
2009-11 funds for 2009 to 2011. The forms are due June 6. Within the next
two months we need to consider what we want to apply for, last time
we applied for five. We can go over what we applied for last time and
pick two and do the new numbers. Councilman Allar said that the
park rehabilitation and the gabions would be the top two. We have
to spend the DCNR monies for the park. We will know if we got awarded
CDBG for 2009 to spend it in 2009. If needed I think I can get an

Engineer’s Report(cont.) Page 10

extension. Councilman Snyder asked but we do need to spend the
DCNR monies by the end of 2009? Councilman Allar said I do
think I could get an extension on that. Councilman Snyder said in
my opinion I wouldn’t want to pick the park as first pick, I think
number one would be the gabions. It’s a three year cycle and we
can stage these projects. I don’t want a skatepark if we can get
other things that we need. Councilman Manns said we need to
get the people’s opinion of they want the skatepark. Councilman
Allar agreed that we need public input. I would like to at least
touch base with the citizens as to what we would want to do first.
Discussion continued on each type of project. Councilman Allar
said he is concerned about changing our priorities. Joiann
Galiano is aware that the park is something that is on a time frame
with the DCNR grant. Mr. Reichard suggested that we would apply
for a Growing Greener grant for stream restoration work and use
the CDBG funding for the park priority. Councilman Snyder said
Jason can then come back with the information needed to apply for
these two projects.

Earth Councilman Snyder said an earth disturbance report was filed at
Disturbance Rexroth property. York Conservation District wrote them up for
Report violations including the silt fence. There has been no other action
beyond what the Conservation District wrote them up for.

Zoning Officer’s Report

Report Mr. Shaw said I presented everyone with this past month’s

Your Councilman Allar said your boss asked how our relationship
Boss with you is working out. I said it is working out well.

Response Mr. Shaw said I have had good response to the letters that I
sent out. On the one, the boat has disappeared. I have a couple
that I am working on. Mr. Olafson of 81 E. Pennsylvania
Avenue expressed concerns he had when dealing with the
previous zoning officer. I will try to work this out with him.
We’ll get him squared away.

Zoning Officer’s Report(cont.) Page 11

Checking Mr. Shaw said I have been notified of someone who is running
Into a repair business out of their garage. You need to know that the
person is getting money. Actually I have been made aware of
two places and I will be checking them out.

Maintenance Report

Street Mr. Shearer said street sweeping is scheduled for March 25 and
Sweeping 26. I will make notice to the police and mayor. Mr. Shearer asked
if Councilman Snyder would say something to the newspaper
reporter also.

Tree at Mr. Shearer said a tree is leaning up at the park. One estimate
Park has been received for $600.00 to have it removed. I haven’t had
a chance yet to contact Ma & Pa for another estimate. I will get
another estimate.

Letter Councilman Snyder said we did get a copy of the violations at Orchard
Orchard Hills. Mayor Sanford asked if there was any water into the apartments
Hills this last time? Mr. Shearer said I did not hear of anything. There have
been two separate times. I supplied County Conservation with pictures,
a neighbor called and complained also. I will keep on top of it.

ARD Mr. Shearer said ARD is scheduled to return on April 3, 2008.

Property Mr. Shearer said Sandy has sent out the renewal license letters for
Inspection property inspection.

Hydrant Mr. Shearer said I would like to purchase hydrant markers. The cost
Markers would be around $500.00. I will need to identify where the hydrants
are, there are 24 hydrants. This is something that if an incoming fire
company comes into the borough, its something they look for. The
cost should come in around $400.00. A motion was made by Councilman
Noll to purchase the fire hydrant markers for a cost not to exceed $500.00.
The motion was seconded by Councilman Allar. All in favor. Councilman
Snyder said motion carried.

Tree at Councilman Noll asked about the fallen tree at the park. Mr. Shearer
Park said the tree is broken up, it is somewhat uprooted but not uprooted
enough. Its laying into another tree. Councilman Noll said that he
can look at it, and when the work is begun at the park, when we
have a back hoe there, perhaps use it to take the tree down. I will

Maintenance Report(cont.) Page 12

check into it. A motion was made to Councilman Howett
that after Councilman Noll checks into it, and if needed to get
another quote for tree removal if that doesn’t work out, and to
have the tree removed at a cost not to exceed $600.00. The motion
was seconded by Councilman Noll. All in favor. Councilman
Snyder said motion carried.

Emergency Management Coordinator’s Report
Mayor Sanford said there was no report at this time.

Mayor and Police Report

January 2008 Mayor Sanford said York Area Regional Police reported the following for
January 2008. There were 19 calls, no accidents, 38 traffic citations, 1
summary arrest, 2 juvenile arrests. Service hours were 38.75 hours and
administrative hours were 27.77 hours. Chief Gross and a sergeant will
be present at next month’s council meeting. The secretary was asked to
add them to the agenda for next month’s meeting.

Letter Mayor Sanford said in regards to the letter that we were going to enter
in with Dallastown Borough about our district justice. Dallastown
decided it was not a good idea after talking to their solicitor.

Fine Mayor Sanford said that research is being done on the fine that
was issued to the truck on Elm or Walnut St. Officer Zech will
converse with Solicitor Solymos.

YCBA Mayor Sanford said the next quarterly meeting of York County
Borough’s Association is scheduled for March 27, 2008 at a church
in Spring Grove.

PSBA Mayor Sanford said the spring conference of PSBA is scheduled for
the last weekend of March.

Letter Mayor Sanford said a letter will be forwarded to the secretary for
response to the county controller on bonded lease debt.

Info Mayor Sanford said there will be information on the radio system
from the Department of Emergency Services in the circulate file.

Jeff Joy Councilman Snyder asked if the mayor has spoken lately with
Jeff Joy about the hazardous mitigation from about two years ago that
Mayor and Police Report(cont.) Page 13

we were working on for the dams that went toward dredging and
monitoring. Mayor Sanford said he hadn’t heard anything.

Emergency Mayor Sanford said I did receive notice from DEP about updates
Action for the Emergency Action Plan. There needs to be some additional
Plan updates.

Secretary’s Report

Appointment A motion was made by Councilman Myers to appoint Rodney Smith
to a five year term on the Yoe Borough Sewer Authority, term
expiration of 3/ 7/2013. The motion was seconded by Councilman
Allar. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Deposit Comcast has issued the cable franchise fee check. The check for
$8612.11 was deposited to the PLGIT Capital Reserve Fund via
U. S. mail on March 3, 2008.

Retention Council was given copies of the 2007 Retention Basin Costs with
Basin the breakdown and documentation for all three municipalities.
Costs Councilman Allar said he would like to include a letter or memo
along with the breakdown of the bills. A motion was made by
Councilman Noll to bill Dallastown and York Township with
attached documentation. The motion was seconded by Couniclman
Myers. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Audit The secretary said the borough is currently going through the
state’s liquid fuels audit. The auditor questioned some of the
billing with the agility program. Mr. Shearer said she seemed to
be questioning the bidding of the contractors. If we did the
bidding process right. We explained that we worked with the
PENN DOT’s Municipal Services on the projects.

Speak Councilman Snyder said I haven’t had a chance to talk to Sandy
Mike about this but when I was at the doctor’s I saw how the doctor
System spoke into a recorder that is used to type up his doctor’s notes
for his patients. It’s a Phillip’s Speak Mike, it’s a new system.
If Sandy is acceptable to this, it may help her in doing the
monthly minutes. It was suggested that the secretary call
Phillip’s to see if we could get information on the system and
begin to research what would be applicable to the borough for
this type of work.

Unfinished Business

Keystone Councilman Snyder said that he did not get to call Keystone
Publishers Publishers this month to make arrangements to meet with them to
get a quote for codification. I will call them sometime this month.

Letter Councilman Snyder said council received a copy of the letter that
to Dana sent to Roy and Kelly Smith at 2 E. Pennsylvania Avenue
Smiths about site distance problems at the intersection. No response has
been heard as of the meeting.

Site Council asked that Dana Shearer check when coming up Philadelphia
Distance Street, the stop sign there is getting hard to see with the hedges
blocking it there. Perhaps send an email to Mr. Bubb for safety
improvement there or Dana can give him a call. They did cut
the hedges about five years ago.

New Business

YBSA Councilman Snyder said council did receive Yoe Borough
Sewer Authority’s listing of services to be discontinued due
to non payment and a listing of the delinquents for the last
quarter. Also council received a copy of the minutes of the
authority’s last meeting. A copy is also in the circulate file.

YCSWA Councilman Snyder said York County Solid Waste has stated
in celebration of Earth Month and Earth Day(April 22) and in
conjunction with the Great Pennsylvania Clean Up, they are
offering a free litter disposal program March 29 through
May 31, 2008. Groups must pre-register. Litter can be
disposed of free of charge at the York County Resource
Recovery Center.

Letter Councilman Snyder said a letter was received from Jacquelyn
Snouffer of 7 E. Pennsylvania Avenue complaining that she
was unable to reach the tax collector and needed tax
certification to refinance. I found out that the York County
Tax Claim Bureau does certification for $5.00. Their phone
number is 771-9205. I did send her a letter back explaining and
giving her this information.

New Business

Park Councilman Noll had a rough layout for the bathrooms at the park
Bathrooms which will include upgrading to ADA. Councilman Snyder said
New Business(cont.) Page 15

we have faith in your knowledge and guidance in the matter.
Councilman Noll said we will need a professional plumber to
do the toilet flanges so I will try to get prices for a plumber.
It was also discussed that a floor drain could be added for
easier cleaning.

Payment of Bills

Councilman Snyder said the following bills need to be added
to the bill list: MCI,$22.35, Met Ed $64.74, Met Ed $114.18,
Met Ed $33.23, Hemler ACS $63.00. A motion was made
by Councilman Noll to pay the bills as listed along with the
additions listed. The motion was seconded by Councilman
Howett. All in favor.


A motion was made by Councilman Howett to adjourn the meeting
at 11PM. The motion was seconded by Councilman Snyder.
All in favor.