Friday, June 5, 2009

Yoe Borough May 5, 2009 Minutes

YOE, PA 17313

The regular monthly meeting of Yoe Borough Council was held on May 5, 2009 at the Yoe Borough Municipal Building, 150 North Maple Street, Yoe, PA. The meeting
was called to order by Vice President of Council, Barry Myers at 7:02PM with the
Pledge of Allegiance.

Council members in attendance:
Barry Myers
Ron Crull
Tom Allar
Seth Noll
Bruce Manns

Others present:
Sandy Sterner, Secretary-Treasurer
John Sanford, Mayor
Connie Crull, Tax Collector
Ted Hake, Yoe Ambulance
Jason Reichard, Engineer
Bob Strobeck, Business Owner in Yoe Borough
Neil Shaffer, Business Owner in Yoe Borough
Joe Strobeck, Business Owner in Yoe Borough
Dave Naylor, Resident


Councilman Myers asked has if everybody has read the minutes from last month? If so, can I have a motion to approve them? Mayor Sanford said I wasn’t here for the report but
under, it indicates Joe Steinfelt’s property but I’m not sure that should read, under
zoning officer, I’m not sure that should read, Joe Strobeck’s garage. Councilman Myers
asked what page is that? Mayor Sanford said 31, its numerous places, the one I’m
looking at is 31. It refers to the Water Street situation. The secretary said that is what
was said on the minutes tape. Councilman Myers asked isn’t that Joe Steinfelt’s
garage in this corner? Councilman Allar said yeah. Mayor Sanford said you’re talking
about the one. Councilman Allar said they’re actually riding at two different locations,
down at the very end where the old rail trail is and then they doing it up closer near
Joe Steinfelt’s garage. Mayor Sanford said okay. Councilman Myers asked any other
issues? A motion was made by Councilman Noll to approve the meeting minutes of
April 7, 2009. The motion was seconded by Councilman Manns. All in favor.
Councilman Myers said so moved.

Visitors Page 2

Councilman Myers said under visitors, Ted Hake, Yoe Ambulance. Mr. Hake said
good evening council members, I’m here to present the 2008 annual report. I did
bring extra copies just in case. What I’m doing this year, as a supplement to the
annual report providing each municipality with a supplement that is specific
to their jurisdiction. This is the first year that we’ve had the report produced at
by a printer. We had 78 dispatches to the Borough of Yoe. Of those, 47%
required paramedic level advanced life support. We handled 76 of them from
the Yoe Borough station. We did handle two of them from Spry because
both from Yoe and the Red Lion ambulance were already on calls. The next
page is the breakdown by call type. Unlike other municipalities where
car accidents are the top item, fall victims are the top chief complaint for
2008 here at the borough. Followed by abdominal pain, psychiatric problems,
and chest pains. Your response time, this looks at calls that are dispatched as
class I and II only. That’s the designation made by the 911 center based on
questions on how severe they were. Class I calls gets a paramedic. Class II is
call doesn’t necessarily need a paramedic, normal emergency. Class III, are
urgent but non emergency, we are not centered on our ability to arrive
very fast there, our response doesn’t come under as much scrutiny as Class I
and II calls. Of the 78 dispatches, 58 were I and II calls. Average time in
the borough 4.8 minutes, our fastest time was zero minutes. We had a number
of people that were driven to the station. The maximum was 22 minutes, and
that was during the winter of last year, a call that we responded from the hospital
because Red Lion and Spry were not available so we responded from the hospital.
The deviation time is 3.6 minutes and the median response time is 4.5 minutes.
That is borough specific information, any questions on that before I go on
summarizing the annual report. Who needs an extra copy? Last year we did
respond to 3, 669 visits. The highest call volume was York Township followed
by Windsor Township and Dallastown. We also have four ambulances now,
2 at each station. Additionally we are running an additional one out of the Yoe
station from Monday through Friday, 6AM to 4PM. We have seventeen dedicated
volunteers and 29 employees, 10 which are full time. We looked at something
new this year, our turn over rate, it was 4%. We are pleased with the 4% turnover
rate. The 2009 Operating Budget is 1,107,018.00. Our overall time from the
time we receive contact until we respond is 1.1 minutes and our overall time
from responding until on the scene is 5.9 minutes. We continue to handle a
couple of calls in Springettsbury, Red Lion Borough when they aren’t available.
As I mentioned before,increase in traffic accidents up from 450 from last year.
Followed closely by fall victims, breathing problems. Overall company wide,
51% of advanced life support, we transported 71% of the people, that’s is 20%
more than the national average. Moving on to revenue and expenses, EMS
is billing is up by 3%. Subscription rate is up by another 2% of the total
budget. Tax dollars are actually down by 3%. We are relying on tax dollars
now. We set up an account for the reimbursement the Ambulance club
receives from Dana, and for Yoe Fire Company for fire operators and some
Visitors(cont.) Page 3

revenue we receive from the high schools in our area from stand by. Expenses,
much like any other service oriented industry, 63% of the staff and management
which is myself and administrative is a part time bookkeeper, with having her
there we have no problem in keeping her busy. Our vehicle maintenance and
fuel is fairly low. On the next page, we did something very similar to what
York and Memorial Hospital do in their reports. We looked at our results of
our billing operations. The top number is the amount we billed in 2008, almost
1.9 million. Now the next figure is contractual allowances, contractural allowances
are fees that we are not allowed to bill. With Medicaid, our standard level bill
is $1000.00. Medicaid says we are to pay you $200.00 for any paramedic level
service, that is all we pay you, you can’t bill the patient. You’re done, here’s
your $200.00. There is a $800.00 write off in that situation. Medicare is similar
but not quite as bad as Medicaid. Contractual allowances is almost $700,000.00.
Bad Debt/Charity Care is something that people do, that are unable to pay their
bill, they do not prove a hardship and don’t pay their bill, or do prove a hardship
and its wrote off, and people who received a directive from their insurance
company, and say I’m going to keep the check and get some money from going
to the hospital,take my chances, and some people do unfortunately that’s some
that people have been trying to address on the state level. It’s a insurance game,
if they want to help providers, there has been some legislative efforts with
the ambulance associations. Next you have to take off the real money that was
collected and paid to the hospital based paramedic unit at York, that is because
we do not provide paramedic level at our Spry location, yet. Our billing company
charges us about 7% so, less that. The actual revenue collected then is $868,000.
So our little exercise there on hands on billing where we are in one of those few
businesses where we only get 50% of what you bill. If you don’t pay your debt,
to your family doctor, we know what the problem is. Our mission statement is:
The Yoe Fire Company Ambulance Service is committed to providing high quality
emergency medical services to the communities we serve on a twenty four hour
a day basis. Any questions on the annual report? Okay. I’m going to touch on the
little on the future, what we have going on now. We have a couple of things on
our plate. The first one is a transition of paramedic levels at your Spry station,
and that is scheduled for July 1st at 7AM. We are working with the township
and across the state to be able to do that, the borough will benefit indirectly.
We anticipate moving that paramedic unit, when our unit here is not available
and when York Hospital is shut down and Red Lion is not available, hopefully
be the third ALS unit in Yoe Borough. I will talk to Barry about that, when
that time comes. The next thing we have going on, we did purchase a tract
of land in York Township. You may have seen the deed transfer, 1.6 acres
on Course Road, which runs from Leader Heights and makes a horseshoe
over to S. Queen. That land we purchased for future use, land in York
Township obviously doesn’t get any cheaper and doesn’t get any more
plentiful as years go by. Our intended use is for administrative headquarters
as well as moving the ambulances out of the building that we rent. The
Visitors(cont.) Page 4

time frame is five to ten years. Our intention to keep a 24 service in Yoe
Borough. Our satellite station has 40%. The facility is a great facility.
Have the headquarters there and its land locked. That’s the plan
there. Five to ten years, five years minimum. Any questions on the
future? Thank you for the support that you provide us. I will be
available if you have any questions, email or phone or even stop in
and see me.
Councilman Myers said I saw who was registered for visitors are there
any other visitors out in the audience?

Bob Strobeck said I should have made arrangements to come tonight.
I guess I have questions about the new ordinance for I guess either,
you are getting ready to do it, or have already done it, the alarm box
that suppose to be at business places. I guess I need somebody to give
me an update what is going on, on whose paying for it, whose not,
what are you going to do? Councilman Myers said actually its pretty
simple, its basically I’d say ,like a little piggy bank, that fits in the
wall. If you have an automatic alarm, that goes into a phone dialer,
you are going to have to put that in. If you have an audible alarm, you’re
going need to put that box. The reason is, is lots of times fire departments,
or if an ambulance gets there. An ambulance needs to get in, and you
as an employer, have an employee inside passed out, instead of breaking
the doors down, dispatch the fire truck, the fire truck will have a key once
its activated at the 911 center, you can pull it out of the box that is in
the fire truck. There is a cost for just the box and installation to fall on
the owner of the facility or the business. Its something that has been
adopted by, a lot of municipalities in York County have done it, Springettsbury
has been doing it for years, York City has been doing it for years, York Township
its been there for four to five years maybe. And what all the municipalities
around us, Yoe, Dallastown, there all going together and have the same ordinance
for the same thing. Mr. Strobeck said a couple of my thoughts are, that basically
we’ve been kept in the dark until a week ago. What was going to be done as far
as leaving us know exactly what is going to happen and how much? I just.
Councilman Myers said you’re going to actually have a year to do it, so its like.
You have a longer time, this isn’t going to happen over night, we just pass
the ordinance, its just a matter, you’ll have a year to do it. So you’ll have plenty
of time to take care of it. Mr. Shaffer asked has the ordinance been passed. The
secretary said its not ready to be passed tonight either. Mr. Shaffer said is there
any way to be sent out? Councilman Myers said as an ordinance it would have
to be in the newspaper for a period of thirty days, three days, two times, Legal
section of the newspaper. By law we have to do that. And then anyone can
come and express their feelings either way. Mr. Strobeck said one of my thoughts
are, I think the timing I don’t think is very good at all, most people are fighting
to put food on their table right now. I think timing is way off, it should have
Visitors(cont.) Page 5

been done five years ago, or five years from now. That’s my personal opinion.
I think the only people that are getting away with murder right now is the
school district, they keep putting our taxes up, and you know, you can’t
touch them, they’re behind the bullet proof shield. I don’t know if anyone
knows, things are horrible out there, everyone is fighting to put
clothing on their kids and stuff like that. I feel that, I ‘m not sure that
this has been handled completely, why weren’t notified about the ordinance
sooner, like what do you think. I understand through grape vine, this could
cost, $800.00. Councilman Myers said usually the box is about $223.00,
the last time I looked at, and then whatever the cost is to install it. Not sure
what it would cost to install it, when I had them installed at the Galleria,
when I worked there, years ago, I think I paid $75.00. Nine years ago.
Mr. Strobeck said things have changed a little bit since then. That’s basically
my thoughts on it. I figured that’s, its just a bit of a problem in Yoe. Councilman
Myers said there has actually been some problems in Yoe from time to time,
with businesses. The automatic alarm above the fire company, rang and rang,
and rang, you can see some areas, there are some business that we had some
issues of getting in, you know. It becomes a life safety issue with the fire
department, then what do you do, do you break into the business, anger
the business owner or you can’t see everywhere or do you wait and all of sudden you have a major fire, you have a fireman get killed in the mess. I understand where
you are coming from, but if you flip it a 180 degrees, there are some issues the
other way. I mean, what’s a life worth. Can you answer that one for me? Mr.
Strobeck said we could argue about that. I know the ordinances are not free
to the borough. Councilman Myers said no sir, its not. Mr. Strobeck said last
time I checked with that, its not free. I just, I almost ashamed to drive up
the Main Street in Yoe, because of the deplorable conditions of homes, the
garbage on the front porches, the one place, I did see rodents running along
the garden path. There is stuff that could be done which is a little bit more
in important in town as far as spending money. I know you guys are about
half broke with money. You’re fighting for everything. I just. Councilman
Myers said we’ve addressed, we get some phone calls, we have addressed
those issues, sometimes. You talk about money, that is where your money
goes is going after these people, then they fix the problem and thirty days
later its back again, you now. Mr. Strobeck said a lot of those places have
fire hazard with all the garbage laying around so. I spoke my piece and
that’s how I feel about it. I feel that it wasn’t handled real good as far
as giving notice. If we have a year to work on it, that’s the better consideration
than working on it next week. Councilman Myers said I apologize if you
think it was handled wrong, I actually thought being a year, that would
be a better way to, for anybody to do it. Mr. Strobeck said I’ll give you
credit there, having a year to do something about it, it is so much better.
Neil Shaffer, business owner of Shaffer Body said it says here that it
needs to be wired in. Councilman Myers said yes, if it you mean being
Visitors(cont.) Page 6

wired in, it would be no different than having your doors wired in, that would
be part of it, the box would be wired in. Mr. Shaffer asked about being linked
to? Councilman Myers said linked to the 911 center, for the phone dialer.
Mr. Shaffer said for the phone dialer? Councilman Myers said yes. You would
just have an automatic, if you would have a speaker up on the wall, obviously
you can’t link it together. Mr. Shaffer said in our system, there is no fire system
linked to the 911 center, the way it is. Councilman Myers said that is correct.
Its only for alarms, if you have an audible or fire alarm. Mr. Shaffer said
by law you do not have to have a fire alarm. Councilman Myers said keep in
mind as codes change throughout the years, may be a case you may have
to put an alarm or what have, they’re not responsible for that. Mr. Shaffer said
the businesses that do have the alarm, spent money to install for the safety
for the neighbors, for their own benefit, to give some awareness to the
municipality. I don’t know if I’m, I’m not for it, I am for safety but I think
with having a key, a key unless its coded to the alarm system of that
nature is not necessarily custom to the fire department, someone could
pop that box, have thirty seconded to get in there and go through that
business, in that regard. If you really think about it, if there is a smoke
detector going off, something is disturbing it. The rest of protocol, if
you are outside and hear it going off. I don’t think its necessarily
necessary, that is my feeling. We all pay our taxes, these alarms there
are fees and maintenance fees that we pay. Some of this goes over
and above consideration for everything. Most of these alarm systems are not smoke detectors, becomes of industrial application, they are heat detectors, the react
to dust coming of replacement of windshields, exhaust. It does come to point
with heat detectors, unless they are punctured, I think its safe assume that
the last thing I’d be checking is file cabinets and other things. Thank you.
Councilman Myers said anyone else on the fire alarm system? Councilman
Noll said I think there might be general ignorance on what these boxes
generally look like, and how to possibly how to install it, if you’d like
I have to order one, I can bring it to the next meeting to see what they
look like. They are literally I don’t know how familiar you may be with,
they’re a hardened steel box, if anyone wants to break into your building,
I work for the a property maintenance company that has these things
all over the place, they are essentially impossible to get into. But I
can bring something in, you can see what they look like and what
the systems are. That may put the end to any questions you may have.
Councilman Myers said you are more than welcome to give me a call,
you can look at the stuff at the fire company, I can show you how and
what’s in the fire truck. Its not as easy as getting the key out of the
truck and you’re gone. There’s a tape trial, the protocol on how you
have to get the key, you can’t get it without 911 center hitting the
tones to do it. So it would be trial. The other part of being hooked up
to the burglar alarm, is one other step, it always goes off at Ore
Visitors(cont.) Page 7

Valley, it sets the burglar alarm off, so it’s a two fold thing along with
a tape trial. They have same device. They have saved lives, we had
an employer, who was down on the floor and his wife called, it was
a lot easier in getting in that way than breaking a door down. Councilman
Noll said I also if you want to check, if you have internet access, Knox
Box, you can goggle it, go to the website and see two different models.

Dave Naylor of 93 E. Pennsylvania Avenue said I’m here in relations
to the quiet title on North Charles Alley of which you all are aware of.
I know you are. Just to shed some light on the situation, after a person
who has come to this council since 1997,expressing interest in trying
to get this alley. A dirt strip, I repeatedly being told that the borough had
no interest in that alley. That it hadn’t been adopted which now we’ve
found it has been at one point. I acted to get this quiet title based on
information given by this council through the years. That there was no
interest in that alley. There is no legal claim to it, on and on and on.
I don’t what you people are aware of at this point, I have been talking
to Sam here and there. I don’t if you’ve been following it, I don’t know
if he has all these facts or not, on how long I have had interest in this
alley. Somewhere along the way, I think the comment was made that
there was some kind of coercion between Mr. Bowser and I, about
his property at 105. Somehow maybe. I can assure you there has been
no coercion between us. My interest has been long before his buildings
were ever put up. I’m working with my lawyer trying to get this
straightened out, not sure if you are aware of that. I’ve made numerous
attempts, I’ve gone back through the meeting minutes trying to get
a time line. I still don’t understand why there is interest in that alley
on the borough’s behalf. There is another alley a couple hundred yards,
down the road. I don’t know if there is interest because of this rail trail
that might be coming through. I don’t know if there is anything with that.
Or if I’m being use as some type of pawn, with your problems with
Mr. Bowser and that property. What is the borough standpoint on why
it don’t have anything on abandoning that property or fight me on the
quiet title. Again, on the legal part, I’m trying to resolve that. But a,
I’m just. Councilman Myers asked which alley are you talking about,
right behind that? Mr. Naylor said right beside my house. Its not really
an alley. I was told its never been adopted, now someone went through
the leg work to find out it is adopted. I approached the council numerous
times over the years, knowing to take the extra steps to help me determine
if this has been adopted, it hasn’t been adopted, no one took the extra
step to help me out. Now someone took five minutes, to open the book.
I had asked numerous times to do that. Councilman Myers said all the
alleys adoptions are part of the ordinance, from day one. Mr. Naylor said
no one has ever to find out if its been adopted or not. Well we don’t know.
Visitors(cont.) Page 8

No it hasn’t been adopted, I’ve been told that word for word. Evidently
there is no recourse against. Council can tell anyone anything it wants,
whether they are factual or not. No recourse to that. Is there some kind
of errors and emissions for that or have? Councilman Myers said usually
when we talk about adopting streets, we go right to the ordinance. Mr.
Naylor said for fifteen years, no one took that extra step. To go that route.
If I had not been told numerous times, through the years, that the borough
had no interest in that, I would not even attempted to go ahead with this
thing. Now I’m out two grand, working on information that is false, provided
by the council or members of the council. I’m a little steamed about it. I just,
I’ve offered to pay legal fees to abandon that alley. Its not ours to abandoned,
I was told. Councilman Myers said what I believe they meant there was,
we don’t have a legal bind on the ordinance, we can’t really fight and say
to keep that land. Mr. Naylor said evidently there is some interest in it now.
Now that all, this has been done with quiet title, there is some interest in
it now. Mr. Naylor said I’ve been mowing it for fourteen years, the previous
owner of my house mowed it. The side of my house, yeah. The property
between Pennsylvania and center side. Councilman Allar asked is there curbs
there? Mr. Naylor said that another reason I wanted, you can drive there , the
sidewalk. It’s a grass strip over towards 105. I’ve had people come down
it in the middle of the night. I know the council, I paid to replace that sidewalk.
Suddenly, its been expressed to me by someone on council that there is interest
in the alley perhaps through the rail trail. I know there is a site distance problem
with 105. I don’t know. Councilman Allar said the rail trail isn’t that far along.
I guess the question is, is it borough land? Councilman Myers said that’s what
we’re looking at now. Councilman Allar said its probably in there. Mr. Naylor
said it was adopted in like 1893. Councilman Myers said the whole that puzzles
me is that if he came here years ago, I’m not doubting that you did it, I’m
just saying its always been in these ordinance books. Councilman Allar said
lets say its in there, the point of it is now. Councilman Myers said we’re not
interested in it, that I can think of. Mr. Naylor said it was adopted but never
officially opened, from what I can find. But each property owner. Mr. Reichard
said each property owner would have rights to half of that right of way. Mr.
Naylor said I went through the legal process, my lawyer who. My lawyer in
an action to quiet title, contacted any charges. My lawyer neglected to contact
the borough. Simply because I’ve been told, time and time again, they had
no interest in it. It may have been an oversight on his part granted, I’ll give you
that. I have signed over papers from 105, a neighbor across the street who probably
doesn’t even have contact to the alley, they all signed off on it. Its just.
Councilman Myers said right, I’ll tell you what we’re going to do to keep this
running along for you. Our solicitor got sick right before the meeting and is not
available. Mr. Naylor said my lawyer is in contact with Solymos. Councilman
Myers said is that right, next month we’ll get the information, we’ll find out
whats going on . I can only speak for myself here, I don’t see reason that
Visitors(cont.) Page 9

we would need it, so. So let us do some checks with our solicitor. Have the engineer do some checks to make sure everything is straight with the ordinance as far as the
boundaries. Believe me over the years, I’ve seen different places, where we have on
our ordinance, we say the property is one way and your title says its another way and
on top of it your neighbors house its another way. Then we have to work through that
mess. Mr. Naylor said I’ve had it surveyed, I have surveys from 105 that was done, I
had my own survey done. The quiet title is in my name. The people at 105 can’t
do anything. I was concerned that my garage is so close, if they go half and half and they put a fence up. I can’t get to my garage, quite simply, it would be that close. That was
my another reason to go through it. All the neighbors are fine with it. Again my lawyer
may have thought to some agree, I want to come to some kind of amicable agreement
with the borough. I really can’t understand what interest you would have with it at
this point. Councilman Myers asked who is your attorney? Mr. Naylor said Eugene
Campbell. Mr. Solymos and Mr. Snyder are aware. Councilman Allar said just to
be clear, you would reimburse for their costs to unadopt the alley? Mr. Naylor said
I made that offer previously, yes. I made that offer again. Councilman Allar said
you own the ½ of the alley understand that. Mr. Reichard said unless the neighbor
waived their rights. Councilman Myers said waived their rights. Mr. Naylor said
which they have, by quiet title. Councilman Allar said you would be responsible
to give us some proof of that. Councilman Myers said if your attorney is in contact
with Pete, we will also talk to Pete and see what is going on here. Mr. Reichard
said our records do show that it was adopted December 15, 1894. Mr. Naylor said
to my knowledge, it has never been opened and used as an alley. Councilman
Myers said there has been several places in Yoe. There has been some places
on a map, there is street, we don’t have no ordinance for it, we’ve seen it both
ways. Come back next month, and we’ll see where we are at. I don’t want
to say, I know we are not interested in it, at least I’m not interested in it. But
I want to make sure our i’s are dotted and our t’s crossed. Its been my experience
in talking with someone in the borough, one person I don’t know. Councilman
Myers said with the rail trail, it could have been one person. Even with rail trail,
they are doing a study, we don’t know how that study is going to come out, you
know. They could say they are going to run this thing, through Main Street for
all we know. Mr. Naylor said and again, there is no open function within
200 yards, down the street. There is another access there. Thank you very much.
Councilman Myers said I apologize for, in the past, I’m not sure what when
on. Mr. Naylor said I wanted to get everyone up to speed. Thanks.

Councilman Myers asked Joe do you have anything. Joe Strobeck said no. I was
interested in the audible alarm ordinance. Councilman Myers said stop by
sometime, at the fire company. Councilman Myers said hey Bob, clarifying on
the alarm system. Once the alarm is passed, it will still be a little bit of time,
where the fire company was going be responsible to get everything together
and sending it out to you. Actually it could be a year and three months, until
we get it out. Its going to be up to the fire company to pursue it. Mayor
Visitors(cont.) Page 10

Sanford said send you information on it, where to get the boxes, what they
look like, hooking them up, the timing of them, who has to hook them up.
It wasn’t that we were going to blindside you. Councilman Allar said
I think we had this discussion before about more notification and timing.
The process after its passed. Councilman Myers said right. We didn’t
passed yet. The secretary said its not ready to be passed, Solicitor Solymos
didn’t get anything to us yet. Councilman Myers said it has to be in the
newspaper, it has to be publicized in the legal section. We have your name
we know where you are at. We’ll make sure Sandy sends something to

Engineer’s Report

Mr. Reichard said okay, I’ll try to make this quick for you.

U. S. Army Mr. Reichard said we’ll start out with the U. S. Army
Corps of Corps of Engineers and our dam dredging project. Our
Engineers flood impoundment area restoration project. We didn’t
get a lot of success with the Army Corps, as you know
we’re waiting for them to make a decision on what the
required permits are going to be. We want it to be in
writing so we know how to respond accordingly. We
also have the wetland non compliance issue in the
upper basin. I understand that the letter has been written.
And its floating around their offices somewhere waiting
to be signed off on the wetland non compliance matter.
I couldn’t get a timeframe, we’re sitting here waiting.
They won’t verbally give me direction until that has
been released. The comments that were made, its not
necessarily going to be favorable for the borough.
Whatever that means for now, assuming, hopefully
there is now penalty. We’ll have to wait to find out.
It continues with the wetland issue as we mentioned
last month. A potential site off of Camp Betty Washington
Road, York Township is looking at it as more of a
preserve, nature preserve there. About seven acres have
been donated to them, they’re going to be constructing
about 3 to 4 acres of wetlands. Jake Romig is right in
the middle of it, its his design, its his project. He said
there is room for it so. Councilman Allar said I talked to
Bob Miller. He is player in all these kinds of things.
He really doesn’t have any problem. He thinks, it
hasn’t been decided on, it still has to go through the
commissioners. However there is going to be a cost in
Engineer’s Report(cont.) Page 11

this,we’re going to have to reimburse them for something.
A little over a quarter of an acre. I am not clear though
on whether or not, the grant that was originally submitted
I guess we’re going to find out on it. If it includes the
wetland. Bob Miller wasn’t sure. The other thing is
if they have the money to do the wetlands or is that
is part of the total. Mr. Reichard said the way I understand
it, the wetlands were part of grant because it was part of
Jake’s plan. He did the plan, I assume that is going to be
taken care of. It isn’t in writing but that is verbally what
he had stated. And he also stated that there isn’t enough
money through the grant to do the entire project. So.
The number he threw at me was$5000.00, that would
build wetlands. Councilman Allar asked that $5000.00,
for the seven acres? Mr. Reichard said from Yoe Borough.
Its going to be a ¼ to ¾’s of an acre. Right now I’m
trying to save ¾ acres because if the Army Corps comes
back and says the second basin that was built, those wetlands
are not in compliance. We’re going to need more area. At
this point, we plan for it and see how it all falls out. I
anticipate some kind of contribution to this effort. It’s a
great deal if we can get it for that amount. It can’t be any
better for you to have something right down the street from
the project, in your neighborhood. If you have to go somewhere
else, start from scratch, a whole new ball game. Councilman
Allar said the Recovery Reinvestment, USDA money for
Mill Creek is that what York Township is using. Mr. Reichard
said the grant they received is the Growing Greener grant for
the nature preserve. USDA was money that they would pay
$1600.00 to establish an easement off property that you already
own; a. to build the wetlands. Councilman Allar asked could
we go together with York Township? Mr. Reichard said Jake
was going to try apply through the township, he was going to
try to get some money through the USDA to help with the
money that they are getting with the Growing Greener project.
He didn’t think it was going to be enough. Councilman
Allar asked does that mean the township still is going to
kick in money for the wetlands. Mr. Reichard said I don’t know,
I can’t speak to that, he didn’t mention anything about the
township contributing money. The impression that I got was
that the township owned the land and willing to have it turned
into something like a nature preserve. Councilman Allar said
when it comes to money, just let me know. Mr. Reichard
said, that’s something, someone from council should present
Engineer’s Report(cont.) Page 12

and try to understand what the plan is there. At this point,
talk to Jake and find out what he needs. Councilman Allar said
even though we may be willing to come up with the money,
the township can come up with what else is needed. Mr. Reichard
said right now I don’t know what the shortage is, everything
that has been done is a grant. So I think, ECO Struction has to
do the design and put the hard cost together. So. Councilman
Allar asked so its something that is in the works? Mr. Reichard
said the money has been approved, its approved project, that’s
already done so they have to go through the, they are same budget
as we are with our project. Councilman Allar said I just want to
know this is where we are going, keep going. Mr. Reichard said
I think this is our best bet at this point, really. Like I said its right
here, its already started. The land is available and the cost is simply
for wet lands and the project is has started. Councilman Allar said
Bob Miller will be meet with his staff, Wednesday tomorrow, so
assuming the York Township staff, and try to figure out what Jake
did. If there is money there. Councilman Noll asked where do you
stand with that timeline for this project, I know we are getting
very close on this thing, we’re going to lose money if we don’t
have, certain things in place by certain dates. What are those
critical drop dates? Councilman Allar said July 1 for the Growing
Greener. Mr. Reichard said they didn’t discuss the deadline with
me last I talked to them. Councilman Allar said we have to have
a contact to ask Growing Greener about this money. Councilman
Noll said at this point that’s only one more council meeting. What
do we have to do get it put out, in a bid package. We almost have
to have bids at the next council meeting to make a July 1 date.
Mr. Reichard said well. Councilman Allar said the problem is,
DEP/Growing Greener are not going to approve it until the Army
Corps of Engineer puts their stamp of approval on it. Mr. Reichard
said right. Councilman Allar said and we don’t even know what they
want yet. If they want a joint permit. Councilman Noll said I guess
what I’m saying, if we need to file for an extension because literally
if we don’t have bids by the next council meeting. Councilman Manns
said we don’t have a scope of work. Councilman Allar said I don’t
know if Growing Greener is going to do anything but perhaps
extend it. Maybe I’m wrong about this 1 of July. Mr. Reichard said
I don’t remember that date. A letter came from York County Planning.
I don’t have it with me. I think that was the York County Planning
Commission. I have to verifty that. Councilman Noll said I just don’t
want to lose sight. Mr. Reichard said I’ll look into it and confirm.
When I talked to them, they never said there was any concern about time.
More concerned about where the job was, what we were doing. We have
Engineer’s Report(cont.) Page 13

to show progress. I’ll will follow up. We can get an idea of some
sort of extension. Councilman Noll said we’re not going to make
July 1 if that’s the date. Its that simple. Councilman Myers said
check on that. Mr. Reichard said we have an approval on that, so I’m
not sure what we would extend. Application has been submitted but
it hasn’t been approved. Councilman Allar asked are we going to
follow the fiscal year here. Mr. Reichard said I don’t know. Councilman
Myers said the Army Corps of Engineers, right now its in there park.
Mr. Reichard, said well, that leads into what we’re doing. The second
part of this was what permit are they going to make us do. Which is a
big deal. And I can’t get an answer. Mike Danko, is their representative
from the Carlisle district and another reason, is he isn’t verbally stating
what the work would be covered under in terms of the category. Then we
can figure out the permit. He hasn’t come out and stated this is the permit
you must do. I’m willing to take the easy route and probably go straight
through DEP and the waiver process, to allow us to do maintenance on
our dam. They operate under Section 105, that is where all the regulated
waters of the Commonwealth. There is a step by step list of work that
you have to put together in a plan and submission of the plan. They’ll
allow you to work. The Army Corps gets a copy of that. And they also
sign off on that. I told Mike, this is my option, we have to move on this
job, submit this, the copy is going to come to you and you have to make
the decision if you are going to accept that or not. So. I mean maybe
he is not in the position to give us the guidance that we are asking for.
Waiting for DEP to basically say yeah, this is going to allow this.
Councilman Allar said this is last month’s meeting in the minutes.
Councilman Allar said Jason, do you have to have that contract with
DEP by July 1st? Mr. Reichard said yeah. That date slipped my mind.
So yeah. I’ll see how tight that deadline is. Councilman Myers said
sounds like you can fill this out and send it in and see where it goes.
Instead of doing nothing, lets do something. And see. Councilman Allar
said we also need to know if there is a procedure to extend our
application. If it’s the fiscal year, we may be dead. If that’s not an
issue, if they have this as a valid project, they have to extend it. Maybe
its an administrative thing. Before we spend a lot more money, lets
find out if we’re going to extend it. Otherwise we’re $50,000.00 short.
Mr. Reichard said I’ll call and check and see what we can do. I think
I’ll go to the county first, and get the contact at DEP. Councilman
Allar said let’s keep our fingers crossed, if we need a joint permit,
you have six months. Six months, you’re looking now at November.
You are talking about a contract, you are into 2010. I’ve got to keep
six municipalities together with money. All we need is one of them
to kick out. Councilman Noll said one of them could economicially.
Its very for them to use what is going on now. How quickly, is it
Engineer’s Report(cont.) Page 14

realistic for us to have an answer to this deadline by the end of
this week. Mr. Reichard said yeah, I’ll follow up tomorrow.
Councilman Noll said it’s a critical path at this point. Mr. Reichard
said its straight forward, if there’s an extension, they need to process
the paperwork now. If not, we have to think about it, I don’t know
what the solution is. Councilman Noll said we’re basically screwed.
Mr. Reichard said yeah, really, you don’t have any flexible, you’re
at their mercy to. Councilman Manns said the Army Corps isn’t
giving a time stamp, we don’t know. Councilman Allar said the
municipalities put it in, in 07, carried over to 08 and then it was
carried over to 09. Maybe Barry you want to go around and tell
them to carry it over to 2010. I live it after three years. Mr. Reichard
said here’s the other factor, with going through the waiver process,
okay. The one requirement is a location plan showing the proposed
dredged disposal area and its proximity to any streams, spill ways
or wet lands along with the color photographs of the dredge disposal
area and they also want that area to be approved by the Conservation
District. So what do you about where to take the material? Councilman
Noll said that’s a Permit T form. Mr. Reichard said for a dump site.
Councilman Noll said for a dump site. Which is even if we get
that they accept dirt there, go through the Conservation District,
for the dump site. And that’s a permit process that takes 2 to 3 months.
Mr. Reichard asked do you want to take it from here. Councilman
Allar said I talked to some of the people on council and also the
Red Lion Rec Association. Mr. Reichard said as I understand it,
we have a potential site in Red Lion, we are going to go ahead and
proceed on that assumption as our area. Councilman Allar said one
question that I have, its my understanding that you guys, C. S.
Davidson, have gone out and surveyed that land. Mr. Reichard said
yes. Councilman Allar said I think Steve came from in at your
office. Mr. Reichard said I didn’t hear that part. Councilman Allar
said from your survey, you have the size? Mr. Reichard said 200
by 200 by 3 foot. Rough dimension on it, so we can, that’s there.
Councilman Allar said that’s the key question, because we don’t
want to look for two sites. Mr. Reichard said yeah, there is plenty
of room there. Okay that’s how we are going to proceed. Anything

Park Mr. Reichard said the park project, we’ve, as I mentioned last month
Project we’ve submitted plans to DCNR for review. And we got some
comments back, the comments were verbal comments. Four, were
personal. Councilman Myers said hey guys we can’t hear up here.
Tom. Mr. Reichard said the comments were more of personal
preference from the department of what they’d like to see. A couple
Engineer’s Report(cont.) Page 15

little things, we’ve already started cleaning them up. We have to
resubmit for the next submission, we’ll be in good in shape, they’ll
give us their permission. We are going to continue to finalize
the plans to the point that we can send them out on the street. I’ll
have a marked up spec book put together. We’re going to finalize
the book and move this project as soon as we get word from DCNR
saying that we are in good shape. There are two things I need
things I need you to make a motion on for your solicitor. He
needs to do a certification of title which is basically is a title search
on the property, to guarantee that there aren’t any leases, easements,
etc. and sign this document that we send in as part of the process.
A motion was made by Councilman Manns. The motion was seconded
by Councilman Allar. All in favor. Councilman Myers said so be it.
Mr. Reichard said the second form is a certification of compliance,
with bidding requirements. He has to sign off on the form, that says
that we are going to bid the project from according to DCNR’s standards.
Our process fits that. He has to sign off on that. I don’t know if there
is a lot of time invested in that, you want a motion just to cover it.
A motion was made by Councilman Noll. The motion was seconded
by Councilman Manns. All in favor. Councilman Noll asked do you
want me to stop down. Mr. Reichard said okay.

MS-4 Mr. Reichard said the MS-4 work permit. Went to a listening session
between our last meeting and this meeting, hosted by DEP. We didn’t
learn a whole lot. They didn’t have answers to the questions that we
had. They couldn’t even state, whether or not , we’re going to need
a new permit here, or if they’re going to extend our current permit for
another year so. It is going to happen, there is going to be another
whole phase. It originally started out it was four years, we’re in
the year eight or nine, so its been extended. Its going to be more work
for the borough ultimately. Increased levels of detailed mapping that
is going to come out of it. Streets, storm water swales, pipes, inlets,
basins, drainage areas, to all your structures, more involved. The
reporting requirements are going stepped up so. I think its more
of an opportunity for DEP to get public input. We’re going to
be sending out a letter to the Watershed Alliance of York that summarizes.

Floodplain Mr. Reichard said I will need action on the flood plain ordinance. As you
Ordinance recall last month we talked a little bit about that. We did look into it,
Yoe Borough is going to have to adopt a new floodplain ordinance.
Basically its going cost you, with your old ordinance a couple of
additions here and there, I think, its just a matter of you having the
most current updated ordinance. It will be for us to update that.
Engineer’s Report(cont.) Page 16

The secretary said we got is right there. Mr. Reichard said this is
the model. All I have to do is take this model, take out anything
that doesn’t conform with another ordinance that creates conflict.
Stick Yoe Borough in where applicable. The secretary said does
this have to be done by? Councilman Myers said you have
August 25th here. Mr. Reichard said I don’t know the date.
Councilman Myers said September 25th for flood insurance
rate map. The secretary said we have to have ours done and
then send it to them. Councilman Myers said our goal should
be August. The secretary said and you are not going to be here
in August so. Mr. Reichard said we’ll have a representative here.
Councilman Allar said speaking of time, Mike Danko is a fly
fisherman, he’ll be off most of the month of July. The secretary
asked so you are going to revise it and make sure I get a copy
and Pete gets a copy. Mr. Reichard said Pete will take care of
that side of it.

Stimulus Mr. Reichard said stimulus money, you guys come up with any
Money ideas. I know the CDBG, has some money coming to them. I
think they are going to hold off though, I think they’re paying for
projects that are on their list. They are going to keep that as
a reserve for the future, so I’m not sure that’s an option. Any
last thoughts on that, the application deadline is the eighteenth
of this month. Councilman Myers said for whom, for which one?
Mr. Reichard said for the initial round, of all these. Still trying
to sort through this. The last thing I’ve seen is that the eighteenth
is the deadline for initial applications for the whole program.
Councilman Allar asked is infrastructure projects part of this,
roads, bridges? Mr. Reichard said weatherization, CDBG, neighborhood
stabilization projects, homelessness, community service, broad band.
Councilman Noll asked anything about flood plain? Mr. Reichard said
that’s the other thing, FEMA will reimburse you 50% for your incurred
cost, advertising. The secretary said you have that information where
I would send that to? Mr. Reichard said I can get it for you. Councilman
Allar asked does anyone know if they’re going to have a workshop in
York County, they are having one in Lancaster County? Mr. Reichard
said I didn’t hear anything. I’ll check on that. I didn’t think infrastructure
was part of that. Councilman Myers asked that you can email that to
Sandy. Mr. Reichard said yeah, I will.

Emergency Councilman Myers asked what about this Emergency Preparation,
Preparation what’s this about, FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency.
FEMA National Flood. This form we have to fill that out. Mr. Reichard
said uh, we don’t fill anything like that. The secretary said this is
Engineer’s Report(cont.) Page 17

the biennial report. Mr. Reichard said you could do this yourself.
Mayor Sanford took the report to fill it out. The secretary asked
do we need to let them know that we are updating our flood
plain ordinance. Mr. Reichard said next year. The secretary said
this is biennial, then in two years. Mayor Sanford asked if
we have copies of what we sent them the last time. The secretary
said no. I can look for you but I don’t think we do.

Cost Councilman Allar asked Mr. Reichard for a cost breakdown for
Breakdown the park as far as much how much the bathroom costs, as far
as stormwater. Do you have something on one page, can you
fax it to one page? Mr. Reichard said can I said can you send
me an email? The secretary gave him, her business card, with
fax number asking for park breakdown dated 5/5/ 09.

Zoning Officer’s Report

Councilman Myers said he had five and half hours in for
March. He has been dealing with four junk issues. That’s good. Next one,
April, he had three and half hours in. He was dealing with enforcement
and inspection. We have to give him some direction on the Todd Bowser
variance. The secretary said copy of the variance and the map is there.
Councilman Myers said an application for a hearing that Mr. Bowser has
in. Its in the area beside that alley. They want to have a shared driveway.
He didn’t do the stormwater. Height of existing building. Mayor Sanford
said he built the house as a duplex now he wants to split and sell it. By
doing that, each residency needs a driveway. He has storm water issues
coming off the spouts that went into one holding tank. Councilman Noll
said didn’t we address this with him before. Councilman Myers said I
thought we did. Councilman Noll said cause he filed, he had to put a
cistern in the back for the water run off. The whole thing sounds familiar.
I thought it was approved that way. The secretary said he never went to
the zoning hearing board. Councilman Noll said he started the process
then stopped. The secretary said its been almost a year and he hadn’t done
anything. Tentative date is May 25th I think. He has to get a hold of the
zoning hearing board. I gave him Mrs. Noll’s information. Councilman
Noll asked the last time this came up, didn’t he got to the zoning hearing
board and get answers from us. I thought he came to the zoning hearing
before. Councilman Allar said he did, but there were still issues that
had to be taken care of, Jason got it and reviewed it. Most of this was
resolved but there still were a few outstanding. That is when he walked
away. Councilman Noll said I just wanted to make sure we didn’t
put ourselves in danger by rendering a different decision cause that’s what he might
be trying to do, from the original decision. Councilman Allar said the
Zoning Officer’s Report(cont.) Page 18

zoning hearing board should know what they had decided at first. Is there
anything we can do today, is this all up to the zoning hearing board.
Councilman Myers said I think it has to be them to decide. Councilman
Allar said the only thing is that the zoning hearing board may not know
what Jason had already proposed. Councilman Myers said I think we
need to go to the zoning hearing board. The secretary asked didn’t
Jason represent the borough at Mr. Rexroth’s hearing at the zoning
hearing board. Councilman Allar said I don’t know if he physically
has to be there but certainly a listing. Councilman Noll said Jason
would be the person since he did the research on it. He did the review.
The secretary asked then Dan should call Jason. Councilman Myers said
yes Dan should call Jason. Mayor Sanford said are both of those units
rented? Councilman Allar said only one is rented. The secretary said
Michael Shertzer owns it. Councilman Noll asked were the zoning
issues taking care of, the old converted church, where there were two
apartments there. The secretary said the last I heard no. I asked about it,
no one gave me an answer. Councilman Manns asked what about
making another apartment at 63 -69 Main. The secretary said they
didn’t go to the zoning hearing board, that is Mr. Lehr, he owns
the property. The secretary asked Dana about the issue with the post
office with the old converted church. Since Dana is property maintenance
inspector, if someone is renting that or living there, he should probably
send them a letter so we can get the money in. I didn’t get an answer.
Mrs. Crull said we have another one, 92 N. Main Street owned by
Larry Miller and Mr. Seitz. One of the 2-3 bedroom apartments, one
of the bedrooms is being rented out. Councilman Myers said really,
I just thought that was an extra bedroom, I questioned that. Mrs. Crull
said the owner of the property knows that. Councilman Myers said its
a three bedroom now. Mrs. Crull said the person that is renting that
has a boarder there. Councilman Myers asked how do you deal with
that, I don’t know. Mrs. Crull said they did have an apartment down
below. Councilman Myers said the church did? Mrs. Crull said.
The secretary said our problem is they put a mailbox out for both
of them and the post office doesn’t have a record of the address
having A and B, so they brought it to our attention that there are
two mailboxes there now. That’s how this all started. Councilman
Myers said they get circulating the mail. The secretary said right now
they are not delivering it to A and B, they saw mailboxes out there,
they want to know what the address is there because they only
one address for that particular piece of property. Councilman Myers
said as far as we are concerned its only one property. The secretary
said that’s correct, that is what was brought it to our attention. Its
like Dana said he didn’t know if its family living there, with the
times the way it is or are the actually renting that apartment from
Zoning Officer’s Report(cont.) Page 19

the property owners and they have to prove that. So their mail is going
to one place, so that’s how this all came about. Do we alert someone
that this Larry Miller, Larry Miller owns this property and Mr. Seitz,
do I alert Dana or let the zoning officer know that. Councilman Myers
said I think you let everyone know that. The post office, if its just a name.
Councilman Allar said its under the ordinance. What about 92 W. Broad,
people living in the back yard? Mayor Sanford said still working on that.
Councilman Myers said the police department is working on that. Its
more of hang out. Mayor Sanford said the car’s now been moved inside.
He’s working on the vehicle. Still not proof that that’s a residence.
Councilman Allar said I’m more concerned that there is drug selling
down there. Mayor Sanford said its being looked at, its being watched.
Until we prove that there is illegal activity there. Councilman Myers said
the police department is aware of it.

Emergency Management Report

Councilman Myers asked do you know about a new flu epidemic plan from
the state? Because I just got one from Windsor Township. I can show you it.
Mayor Sanford said I’m not aware of any plan. A county plan? Councilman
Myers said no it’s for the state I think. I can give you a copy of Windsor
Township’s. Mayor Sanford said I’ll call.

Mayor and Police Report

York Area Regional Police reported the following for the March 2009: there
were 29 calls, 1 accident, 7 traffic citations, no other arrests. Service hours
of 62 and administrative hours of 30.88 hours.

Mayor Sanford asked did the borough get a copy of the annual report from
the police department? The secretary said no. Mayor Sanford said I’ll copy and
see that is given for the circulatory file.

Mayor Sanford said the only correspondence that I have is some information
on Mayors Against Illegal Guns. They want us to support their group. I’ll
put it in the file for review.

Councilman Myers asked anything for the mayor? Councilman Manns did
you find anything about the bikes? Mayor Sanford said the police department
has been notified about the situation, with locations that were given to me
after I left last month. I got your email, I forwarded that information over. They’ll
be watching, again, right time, right place. Councilman Manns said when its
dry out, its every night. Mayor Sanford said you have to call. Councilman
Manns asked should I call 911? Councilman Allar said the way we set it up
Mayor and Police Report(cont.) Page 20

lat month was we would call you because we aren’t sure that the police are going
to enforce it. Councilman Manns ask they will enforce it? Mayor Sanford said
they are checking on it. The other complaint within the borough for illegal, the
detail is illegal as destructive action. You call the police. Councilman Manns said
if you call, they will enforce it, that’s my question. Mayor Sanford said I’ve not
gotten an answer back on that. Councilman Manns said so I call them. Mayor
Sanford said you should be a witness. Councilman Myers said last Saturday
I was up behind the house and I see them there. I was going to call them but
I couldn’t see where they went. Councilman Manns said they drive there
where Hauck’s house. They run through the hedge and across E. High Street.
Make a u turn on the property. Someone is going to get hit. Don Eberly was
complaining to me. Mayor Sanford said you have two situations there, you
have illegal vehicles on a public street and you have a noise violation. One of
the two and they are both ordinances. Councilman Manns said okay, I’ll call.
Councilman Myers said I saw them on the street. Until I get them down here.
Councilman Manns said they are using the garages. Councilman Myers said
I was sitting up at the cemetery looking down through I could see. Councilman
Manns said I think they go up on the cemetery too. Councilman Myers said
I think they are too. I think that was probably where they were headed, but
there were two vehicles sitting there, one being mine. I think that’s what
stopped them from going there. I actually thought they went up the street
and went down behind your house. I just thought they just went down to
Main Street through George’s property but. Councilman Manns said I
don’t see them going down that little alley behind my place. Mayor
Sanford said call it in. Councilman Manns said I’ll call it in. Mayor
Sanford said if they don’t get back to you or it if it doesn’t seem right,
I’ll question that. Councilman Manns said okay. Mayor Sanford said
I don’t know what I can do. As far as the ones down on Water Street,
I looked at that also. I don’t know where the borough line goes there
behind that house. It looks like there is a lot of activity which appears
to be in the township which. Councilman Allar asked are you talking
about the one that is near Joe Steinfelt’s garage. Mayor Sanford said
just past there in back of that house. Councilman Allar asked are you
talking way down at the end? Mayor Sanford said way down at the end.
Councilman Allar said way down at the end. Mayor Sanford said
way down, right below where they build that new house right at
the corner. Councilman Allar said that’s half in the township and
half in the borough. The other one though, near Mason, that’s definitely
in Yoe Borough. And if you look at it, they have a pretty good set up
there. They have hay bales, and they have jumps and they have everything
else. It covers two properties. And they run motorcycles and dune buggies.
Mayor Sanford said I never saw them there, I never got any calls on it.
Councilman Allar said the issue is that its on private property not on the
road. I don’t know, that’s where I think the police are going to say, its
Mayor and Police Report(cont.) Page 21

on their property, they can do whatever they want. Mayor Sanford said
then go back on the noise, it’s a nuisance. Councilman Allar said I don’t
think they can do the noise, if its motorcycles that can be used on the
street. Mayor Sanford said make the call, tell them of the situation, then
they can keep track of it. Councilman Allar said throwing dirt in the
street. Councilman Myers said send them to Penn State, call for erosion
control issues. County Conservation. Right now it’s a big mud hole
down there.

Mrs. Crull asked what about people leaving their dogs run loose? They
turn the dogs out and they growl at the neighbors. Councilman Manns
said it’s the neighbor at 49 E. High Street, a rental property, I can give
you a name, they have four of them. That’s for the license department,
for the ordinance. Councilman Myers said but still, you need to call
the dog officer. Mrs. Crull said they come home, leave the dogs out and
growl at the neighbors. Councilman Myers said take pictures with the
digital camera and give them to the dog officer. Works pretty good.
Mayor Sanford asked what is that address? Councilman Manns said
49 E. High Street. Councilman Myers asked it is a rental property.
Councilman Manns said it’s a rental property. Councilman Myers said
Dana can send the landowner a letter, saying the renter. Councilman
Manns said I was told through the grapevine that it is two brothers
and two ladies,none of them are married,one has a kid. Mrs. Crull said one
just had a baby. Councilman Myers said we are going to have Dana,
Sandy, write them a letter saying that their tenant has dogs and it has
been noted that the dogs have been running outside their property. And
the borough has received complaints. But then also if your neighbors
want to take some pictures right outside. Councilman Manns said
I will advise Don Eberly. Councilman Myers said and call the
dog officer. Councilman Allar said if you know they do this when
they come home, you have a lead, they could call the animal control
officer and say come here between five and six. Councilman Manns
said the same thing, with this nice weather, they leave them out then.
Councilman Allar said then call the animal control officer. Councilman
Manns said I have them give them a call, if they can come within
five mnutes of leaving them out, they are out at least a half hour.
Councilman Allar said set it up at least a couple days in advance.

Councilman Myers said any other unfinished business?

Secretary’s Report

The secretary said the office is going to be closed from May 18th through
22nd, reopening on May 27th.
Secretary’s Report(cont.) Page 22

The secretary said I remember when Seth was asking about the interest rate
on the PLGIT accounts. Members First Credit Union came to us and they
are willing take up an overview of what they can offer compared to what
we already have. They would like to come to the next meeting. Also
as a sales point, if we decide to go with them, anyone on council, myself,
Connie, Dana can go up there and open an account as being part of the
borough. I”d liked her. The investment account was double of what PLGIT
offers now. I think it would be worthwhile to see what she has to say.
She would like to come to the June meeting, hand out packets and talk
to you. Councilman Noll said make it a ten minute presentation so it
won’t take two hours. The secretary said I don’t think she will, I think
she will give you information. I think fifteen minutes would be proper.
I think it would be proper. I told her that since Citizens Bank is closed
in Dallastown, they have an office up at the Giant over here. I said
my only concern is, it’s a concern of money, I was going to use up
the checks that I had ordered I have about half of them left, they cost
between two and three hundred dollars. She said she would be willing
to work with me, if we open up a checking account. And not charge
us for checks. Trying to sell us. Councilman Allar said one of the
things Barry, with PLGIT right now, its 6/10 of 1 percent. We have
all the money in a thirty day or less, liquid money market. We can
not go into a longer time period unless you want put in a $100,000.00.
If you want a 90 day or a 120 day, you have to come up with
$100,000.00. Two of those accounts, the Capital Account and General
account, you don’t have them to be liquid, if we want to buy a vehicle
or do roads, it takes it two, three four months, to get bids, get it out,
all that kind of stuff. So we could double our return easily if we
would go into a longer term CD. We could layer it. We could we do
one that is 60 days or ninety days. Every month we could have
some of that coming due. We’ll not planning, we could easily build,
interest. The secretary said the credit union are different than other
banks, their member owned and they wouldn’t get any of this
stimulus money anyhow.

Councilman Myers said good job on the schedule of the dates and times
of the contracts. The secretary said thank you. I knew Tom was looking
at a five year window with PEL, so I have it up on bulletin board to
keep my eyes on it.

New Business

Councilman Noll said I have something, if we could pause and I can
ask this question.

Executive Session at 8:56PM Page 23

Councilman Myers said to go into executive session for personnel reason, I know
there is two that I have concern with. A motion was made by Councilman Allar
to go into executive session. The motion was seconded by Councilman Noll.
All in favor. All in favor.

Reconvening of the Regular Meeting at 9:35PM

Councilman Myers said we are reconvening the regular meeting at 9:35PM.

Payment of the Bills

Councilman Myers said Mayor Sanford asked if there is any other new business.
A motion was made by Councilman Manns to pay the bills as listed. The motion
was seconded by Councilman Noll. All in favor.

Councilman Myers said adjournment, Ron’s turn. Mayor Sanford said wait a
minute. Councilman Myers said where was this at? I didn’t get one.

Maintenance Report

Councilman Myers said we forgot Dana for maintenance.

Street Sweeping Councilman Myers said streets, since Dana is not here.
Street sweeping completed by Dallastown. Main Street.
Some of the small alleys will be finished by hand
by the work crew.

Work Crew Councilman Myers said two work crews will assist on
Main Street weed removal.

Ballfield Councilman Myers said the Cougars painted the dugout,
worked on the fence, painting and repairs. They are planning
on in the future work session to help complete the other

Park Councilman Myers said park clean up has started.

Other Maintenance Councilman Myers said mowing is under way. Work
crews used for twenty hours. He has contacted the
Sheriff’s Department to get the guys with the program
that they have now.

Maintenance Report(cont.) Page 24

Citizen’s Councilman Myers said he received a citizen’s complaint
Complaint about the tree at S. Main and Fourth Street. He contacted
LTAP about sight engineering assistance to walk me
through this sight distance. This will help apply information
that I received at recent classes that I attended.

Chain Saw Councilman Myers said Dana wants to buy a new chain saw
for the shop because the old one would be too costly to
repair. I am currently shopping for what I think would
be good, around $225.00. It is bigger than what we currently
have. We need to buy him a chain saw, I think he only has
a sixteen inch chain saw. A motion was made by Councilman
Manns to authorize Dana to go out and locate one, whatever
he feels he needs up to $300.00. The motion was seconded
by Councilman Noll. All in favor. Councilman Myers said
tell him he may want to contact Hollinger’s over in
Lancaster because I get through a municipal program over
there. It may be costars. I use to deal with chain saws.
He has R. S. Hollinger, this is Hollingers. The secretary
said this is a different one. Councilman Myers said
its Hollinger’s Lawn and Garden, the number is 866-791-
6384. I just bought a blower from them. I called around
it was $499.00, they sold it to me for $399.00.

Mayor Sanford said are you sure you did all that stuff?
The secretary said a lot of that is for the lawyer, the ordinance,
change of ordinance and floodplain. And some of it is for

PA Dam Safety Councilman Allar said in the packet, Pennsylvania Dam
Program Safety Program, workshop. You may want to bring it
up with Dana. Councilman Myers said I agree, if he
wants to go send him. The secretary said he was copied,
see at the bottom. Councilman Myers said tell him he
has permission if he wants to go.

Weeds Councilman Allar said every year I bring up about the
Control weed control whether or not he gets licensed. We
are going to have Main Street full of this stuff. I know
ARD can go out there, but its right back up, the weeds.
Councilman Manns said thought you were doing it?
Councilman Myers said that was someone else, my
license don’t carry that. Councilman Allar said
Maintenance Report(cont.) Page 25

whoever it was talking about how Main Street looks.
Councilman Myers said I’ll take care of getting the
license, I just forgot about it. Councilman Manns said
we need to spray to kill it.


A motion was made by Councilman Crull to adjourn the
meeting at 9:40PM. The motion was seconded by
Councilman Myers. All in favor.